• Credit: Quickstep
    Credit: Quickstep

Quickstep, an Australian manufacturer of advanced carbon fibre composite components, has agreed to future collaboration with Triumph Group, a US company involved in manufacturing and overhauling aerospace structures, systems, and components.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Quickstep and demonstrates that our recent investments in the US market are already paying off," Mark Burgess, CEO and Managing Director of Quickstep, said. "Triumph is a quality company, with a strong track record in the composite aerostructures market and we believe we will benefit greatly from this collaboration.”

Triumph and Quickstep will work together to explore and cooperate in pursuing new business opportunities, bringing together their combined capabilities to offer value composites solutions to customers in the US and Australian defence and aerospace markets.

“By working together, we expect to gain a mutual benefit that is greater than working independently and this will enable us to jointly offer better value solutions to our respective customers in both Australia and the US,” Ian Reason, VP Business Development Military for Triumph, added.

Quickstep and Triumph have previously identified future opportunities for collaboration and this is expected to accelerate with the signing of the latest agreement.

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