• Avalon 2019 is the largest airshow in the southern hemisphere.
Nigel Pittaway
    Avalon 2019 is the largest airshow in the southern hemisphere. Nigel Pittaway

The following is a statement from Ian Honnery, CEO of the Avalon Airshow 2021 organiser AMDA Foundation.

"The organisers of AIRSHOW 2021 share Australia’s disappointment that the 2021 Formula One Australian Grand Prix has been cancelled through COVID related issues. We know the dedication and effort required to stage a world class event, particularly in these challenging times, and we commiserate with the Grand Prix organising team.

However, the COVID challenges of international driver and team quarantine, which ultimately forced cancellation of the Grand Prix, are not issues that will materially affect AIRSHOW 2021.

AIRSHOW 2021 will be first and foremost an event to mark the Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force, and a platform for promotion of the Australian aviation, aerospace, defence and space industries.

Attendance by overseas visitors, although welcome if COVID border restrictions allow, is not critical to the success of AIRSHOW 2021. Planning for the event has always allowed for the possibility that international border restrictions and travel constraints may result in fewer people attending from overseas than would have happened without the complications created by the pandemic.

The major elements of a highly successful and exciting AIRSHOW 2021 are inherently Australian and are therefore unaffected by issues of international travel restrictions.

AIRSHOW 2021 will be one of the largest airshows ever held in Australia, featuring the nation’s largest public display of Australian Defence Force aircraft. It will be a fitting tribute to the Royal Australian Air Force in its Centenary year, and will provide industry with a highly effective promotional platform.

Like all responsible organisations, we will continue to be guided by advice from public health authorities and will comply with directions from the Australian and Victorian Governments. The preservation of public health will always be our paramount commitment."

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