• Credit: CAE
    Credit: CAE

CAE Australia has announced the commencement of a research project in partnership with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to improve the training experience and performance of Australia’s mission aircrew.

The project is part of the Defence Trailblazer program, focusing on developing innovative solutions for the training and operational requirements of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), and aims to develop a unique assessment system leveraging modern learning approaches and artificial intelligence.

“Innovation is not a choice, but a strategic imperative for our industry to proactively address the evolving requirements of defence and deliver at the point and time of need,” said Matthew Sibree, Managing Director Indo-Pacific, CAE Defence & Security.

“CAE Australia is honoured to participate in the Defence Trailblazer program. Together with UNSW, we can accelerate the implementation of training technologies to enhance the mission preparedness, safety, and performance of our personnel - our most critical asset in defence capability.”


The proposed assessment system will integrate the CAE Adaptive Learning Environment (ALE) to reduce training time and increase situational awareness of personnel.

CAE and UNSW will focus on replicating complex operational tasks and training scenarios using simulation to assess how advanced training tools can reduce cognitive load and improve decision making.

“UNSW is thrilled to collaborate with CAE to address challenges in Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence (RAS-AI) by combining cognitive science, biometrics, and artificial intelligence," said Dr. Oleksandra Molloy, Senior Lecturer at UNSW and Chief Investigator of the joint project.

This project will address defence requirements to understand the training needs of system operators where there is the potential for high cognitive load and task performance risk.” 

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