March 31 marks 100 years of the Royal Australian Air Force. From Wirraways to working with the RAF in its earliest conflicts, the RAAF has seen an amazing progression of people and technology over its organisational life. It’s an organisation that has prided itself on this fusion.

It is also a good opportunity to look back on the achievements of the RAAF. Each squadron has its own rich history. No. 1 Squadron was formed under the Australian Flying Corps in 1916 and saw action in the Sinai and Palestine campaigns during WWI. It flew obsolete Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2s, B.E.12s, Martinsyde G.100s and G.102s, as well as Airco DH.6s, Bristol Scouts and Nieuport 17s, before re-equipping with the R.E.8 in October 1917 and finally the Bristol Fighter in December. Could you even imagine such a speedy evolution of aircraft now?

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