• Barrett

Barrett Communications have recently been awarded a multiyear contract to supply the Canadian National Defence Department (DND) with Very High Frequency (VHF) radio communications equipment.

This new contract follows on from the earlier contract awarded to Barrett in 2016.

The Barrett PRC-2080+ VHF radio systems are designed for multi-role military applications providing rugged reliable field proven communications. The PRC-2080+ system is offered in hand portable, manpack, vehicle, base and rebroadcast system configurations, giving flexibility for its deployment in the field.

“We have many exciting developments and contracts coming from the Americas right now,” Andrew Burt, Barrett Communications CEO said. “We are pleased to have secured this contract demonstrating the confidence the Canadian DND has in Barrett communications equipment.”

Barrett has previously won a contract with the Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) with HF radio communications for their national parks and conservation areas. The multiphase project was funded by USAID and included the Barrett 2050 HF base stations and Barrett 2090 HF portable manpacks.

The company has also delivered the full range of Barrett PRC-2080+ VHF systems to a Middle Eastern military.

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