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Cirrus' Managing Director Peter Freed has announced that the company has secured two additional Defence contracts relating to the Tactical Electronic Warfare system.

The first contract results from the exercise by the Commonwealth of an option to extend the existing TACEW support contract through to June 2025.

The second contract involves further extending the functionality of TACEW to cover additional EW equipment types at a simulation fidelity level sufficient to enable "Equipment Application Courses" (EAC) to be conducted on TACEW - centralising all EAC training onto the TACEW system.

It also includes the further expansion of the scale of the TACEW system at Training Authority Maritime Warfare at HMAS Watson and modification of hardware to suit the new training facility being constructed at the same base, as well as the supply of an aditional TACEW system to Training Authority - Submarines at HMAS Stirling.

"Cirrus is very pleased with the award of these contracts which continues the development of the TACEW system and broadens its use by Defence," Freed said. "TACEW serves as a great example of how Australian owned industry is capable of generating world-leading electronic warfare and simulation technology for mission systems training in support of the ADF."

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