• Credit: AICRAFT
    Credit: AICRAFT

South Australian artificial intelligence company AICraft and space-biology research company ResearchSat have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to utilise edge computing technology assisting with experiments in orbit.

AICraft and ResearchSat will collaborate to utilise edge computing modules designed and manufactured by AICraft to facilitate onboard data analysis and data reduction of biological experiments conducted by ResearchSat in orbit.

The objective is for AICraft to supply tailored edge computing devices to support in-orbit management of biomanufacturing computational workloads as ResearchSat scales up and diversifies its operations.

ResearchSat offers microgravity satellite services for medical and material sciences research to improve development by examining material, chemical and clinical properties with the benefits of being in space.

“This partnership is vital to ResearchSat, as it helps to develop microgravity-bio data sets and to fine-tune the satellite operations which lay the foundation to space bioreactor," said RaviTeja Duggineni, ResearchSat’s Founder and CEO.

"This innovative bioreactor is set to revolutionise regenerative medicine, personalised medication, and in-space therapeutic manufacturing, heralding a new era in space-based medical solutions.”

The two companies are planning a sub-orbital demonstrator mission in December 2024.

“This partnership is important for us to demonstrate the efficiency of our edge computing module applied to various optical data gathered from biological experiments," said Dr Tony Scoleri, AICraft’s CEO. 

"In-orbit data analysis is crucial to automate task management and reduce the amount of data without compression prior to transmitting down to Earth.”

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