Australia and NZ are positioned to gain the benefits of major advances in Europe’s satellite navigation SBAS (Satellite-based Augmentation System) system EGNOS following the announcement of a significant upgrade to be delivered by Thales Alenia Space.

The $127million upgrade will expand the EGNOS SBAS coverage zone, see the installation of a new generation of reference stations (RIMS), improved algorithms in the computation centre (CPF) to boost performance and enhanced system security.

Certification and commissioning of the new service is slated for 2023.

Thales Alenia Space VP Navigation Benoit Broudy said the company was committed to delivering the latest generation system to Australia should it be selected to deliver Australia & NZ’s SBAS (Satellite-based Augmentation System) for enhanced global positioning.

“The new version will bring significant benefits for regional aviation in Australia and NZ along with broader industry benefits across many sectors, from mining and resources to agriculture and transport," Broudy said.

The EGNOS system “Safety of Life” service enables aircraft to make precision approaches for landing without requiring ground-based landing aids.

In addition to providing the service in Europe, Thales Alenia Space is delivering the SBAS Korean Augmentation Satellite System (KASS) and SBAS for parts of Africa.

“Our record is one of long term investment in Australia’s advanced technology sector through technology transfer, collaboration with research agencies and Australian SMEs," Thales Australia CEO Chris Jenkins said. "We are excited about the opportunities to help build Australia’s space industry capability through world leading SBAS technology in line with the Statement of Strategic Intent signed with the Australian Space Agency.”

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