• Credit: BSA
    Credit: BSA

Black Sky Aerospace has welcomed the Federal Government's allocation of $678,487 for the company to manufacture Responsive Common Use Booster (RCUB) propellant for commercial use.

Black Sky CEO Blake Nikolic said the project received grant funding from the Australian Space Agency's (ASA) Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement grant opportunity.

"Thanks to this grant made through the ASA, Black Sky will produce Responsive Common Use Booster propellant that can be used for the United States' Moon to Mars exploration missions, including NASA's Artemis lunar program," Nikolic said.

"My thanks to the hardworking Black Sky Aerospace staff, the Federal Government and the Australian Space Agency for making this happen.

"It means more jobs and more innovation for Australian small businesses involved in cutting edge space industry."

NASA's Moon to Mars initiative will see humans return to the Moon under its Artemis Plan starting in 2023, and crewed missions to Mars to start in the next decade.

"To think that the propellant we will produce in Queensland will be capable of supporting those missions is a dream come true," Nikolic said. "There is a whole new generation coming on who have not yet lived to see a Moon landing; but today's young students, like those doing work experience with Black Sky right now, can contribute to the next missions like they never thought possible."

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