• The Boeing and ExoAnalytic team will offer an Australian-operated, ready-to-go Space Domain Awareness system. (Supplied)
    The Boeing and ExoAnalytic team will offer an Australian-operated, ready-to-go Space Domain Awareness system. (Supplied)

Boeing Australia has enlisted the support of US-based ExoAnalytic to offer the Australian Government a fully operational Space Domain Awareness system under JP9360.

The Boeing-ExoAnalytic solution for JP9360 Tranche 2 aims to provide RAAF operators with the ability to simultaneously and exclusively task multiple ground-based telescopes across ExoAnalytic’s global sensor network of 350 telescopes. These telescopes are expected be controlled and operated from an Australian Command Centre to support RAAF space command operations. 

“The Command Centre will be operated by Boeing Defence Australia personnel who will directly support the Australian Defence Force in real time by monitoring critical space assets, providing command and control and data analytics,” said Dale McDowall, Boeing’s director of Global Business Development - Australia and New Zealand.

“Boeing is sub-contracting to ExoAnalytic for the program and will be supported by ExoAnalytic’s US Command Centre to provide 24/7 monitoring.” 

ExoAnalytic’s telescope network is reportedly the world’s largest Space Domain Awareness sensor network which monitors, understands and predicts the position and behaviors of man-made space objects in orbit around the Earth.

“These services help our customers to operate more safely and sustainably by identifying and providing alerts for objects behaving anomalously or creating potential threats such as collision risks,” said Dr Douglas Hendrix, CEO of ExoAnalytic Solutions.   

“Even the smallest item of space debris can decommission a satellite. The capability of ExoAnalytic’s global telescope network to see very small and very dim objects is well beyond most ground and space systems.”

The monitoring system is critical to ensuring optimal reliability of defence weapon, navigation and communications systems which rely on satellite communications.

ExoAnalytic currently provides the US government, including the US Joint Task Force Space Defense, with space awareness services.

“Our JP9360 offering will provide a low risk, robust, and sovereign ability to detect, track, identify and characterise space-based events to support Australia’s freedom of action in space,” said McDowall.

“The ExoAnalytic network is also rapidly extendable – with new sensors able to be added cheaply and quickly.”

Further, ExoAnalytic has committed to bringing its Ground Based Optical Space Domain Awareness system to Australia to provide opportunities to local industry. 

“ExoAnalytic has been investing in building telescope sites in Australia for some years and has established a network of more than 70 ground-based telescopes across 10 sites, bringing smart work into regional communities,” said Dr Hendrix.

“ExoAnalytic will also transition maintenance, operation, and management of the Australian network to Australian industry with Victoria-based iTeleQuest managing the telescope sites and the Indigenous Defence and Infrastructure Consortium managing maintenance and service.”

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