• archTIS CEO Daniel Lai. [archTIS]
    archTIS CEO Daniel Lai. [archTIS]

archTIS Limited, an award-winning, Canberra-based technology company focused on protecting and facilitating collaboration of sensitive and classified information, has entered into a contract with Joint Capabilities Group within Defence to conduct a risk reduction activity. archTIS will lead the development of a cross domain information sharing capability for the purpose of defining an accreditable cross/multi domain information architecture pattern for Defence.

This is archTIS's largest contract to date, evidencing both its growing maturity as well as the Department’s commitment to invest in premium sovereign information security capabilities, according to a statement from the company.

The Risk Reduction Activity will be conducted over the next 12 months and will include development, building and accreditation activities to provide Defence with an information sharing architecture pattern for cross and multi-domain services between different warfighters and Allied partners.

This activity is aimed at reducing risk to and informing Defence on future capability decisions and acquisitions. The contract value is $4.2 million and includes three packages of archTIS’s Kojensi platform for the enterprise to the value of $760,000, with $3.4 million in services. The contract will commence immediately with an expected duration of approximately 9-12 months, unless extended.

"I am delighted that archTIS has been selected to lead this risk reduction activity,” CEO Daniel Lai said. “The need to share, control and trust information in the warfighter domain, between forces and with allies remains a critical requirement."

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