• Defence is seeking quantum solutions to tricky problems.
    Defence is seeking quantum solutions to tricky problems. Defence

Defence is seeking submissions to a number of quantum challenges on the horizon.

Specifically, Defence wants to know: whether sensors can deliver enhanced detection and imaging of gravitational and magnetic anomalies; whether quantum computers can deliver enhanced decision making in operational planning; and whether there are effective countermeasures to quantum communications.

Examples include detecting concealed subterranean structures, voids and tunnels; using quantum algorithms to improve resupply; and disrupting satellite-mediated quantum communications.

“These examples have been chosen because they are both sufficiently specific and tangible for respondents to make appropriate assumptions and produce meaningful results, whilst also being applicable to other situations and tasks in land operations,” Defence said.

Demonstrations will be made at the first Army Quantum Technology Exploration Day, (AQTED) to be held on 20 April 2021 at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre.

The AQTEDs are designed to enable Army to issue challenges that test specific hypotheses of quantum technology applications in land operations, to provide forums for the generation of new ideas of quantum technology applications, establish networks and assess teams.

Defence has allocated $200,000 for the procurement process

More details are available in this week’s ADM Tenders.

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