• Artists render of ASC Advanced Launch Pad (ASCALP) design.
Credit: ELA
    Artists render of ASC Advanced Launch Pad (ASCALP) design. Credit: ELA

Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) has released completed designs for its new launch pads, enabling all seven Space Launch Complexes (SLCs) at the Arnhem Space Centre (ASC) to launch any rocket with very little configuration change.

Named the Arnhem Space Centre Advanced Launch Pad (ASCALP), the technology will accommodate all current class NewSpace small launcher rockets up to approximately 450,000 kg launch weight.

The ASCALP design comprises a 90-degree, hydraulically controlled Pivot Base which facilitates rapid mount and dismount for various rocket models.

“We are really proud of this pad design and in some ways, it is the centre piece of our commercial offering at the Arnhem Space Centre,” said Michael Jones, Chairman and Group CEO, Equatorial Launch Australia. 

“Every element of this ASCALP is designed to improve the safety and efficiency of launch. The design and re-usability of the deflector and the lack of damage to the pad overall was a key aim and it all adds to the efficiency and cost-effective solution we are offering our customers.”

The company stated that this design is the most advanced NewSpace small to medium rocket launch pad in the world and will help to meet rapid-responsive launch needs in the future. 

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