• Lunar rover concept image.
Credit: ELO2
    Lunar rover concept image. Credit: ELO2

ELO2, the consortium behind Australia’s first lunar rover has invited space enthusiasts, to design a system to collect soil from the Moon and deposit it at a NASA run facility.

The ELO2 Big Dipper Regolith Acquisition Challenge welcomes anyone with big ideas, from creators to seasoned engineers to be a part of Australia’s contribution to a sustainable human presence on the Moon.

This challenge is set to build a collection system for the ELO2 Australian-made, semi-autonomous rover that aims to be part of a future mission to the Moon.

Phase 1 of the Big Dipper Lunar Regolith Acquisition Challenge will harness the power of computer aided design to craft a regolith sample acquisition device.

Phase 2 will build on designs by developing a list of design recommendations to inform and inspire future rover designs, with ten challenge winners sharing in a $15,000 prize pool.

“ELO2 is designing and developing world-leading technology, including how to apply this knowledge to existing and emerging industries,” said EPE’s Director Innovation and Commercialisation, Ben Sorensen.

“From automated and on-demand manufacturing, space and terrestrial communications, autonomous and remote operation of field and home robotics, cyber assurance of robotic systems, digital twins, AI and machine learning, and chemical and radiation sensors to keep people safe in hazardous environments, the applications beyond the Moon are enormous.

The ELO2 Big Dipper Regolith Acquisition System must be durable, repeatable and scalable, taking into account cosmic radiation, lunar dust, and temperature extremes.

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