• Credit: Fleet Space Technologies
    Credit: Fleet Space Technologies

Fleet Space Technologies (Fleet) has announced a collaboration with Thor Energy (Thor) to conduct mineral exploration with space technology. 

This partnership will leverage Fleet's Exosphere technology and Thor's expertise to allow more precise drilling for the Alford East Copper-REE Project in South Australia. 

"This partnership between Thor Energy and Fleet Space Technologies is further testament to what is possible when we fuse world-class exploration expertise with cutting-edge space technology," said Federico Tata-Nardini, Chief Financial Officer and Financial Strategy & Investment Officer of Fleet Space Technologies.

"We are proud to work with an increasing number of the world’s most progressive exploration companies to deliver faster, more accurate and ultimately less impactful exploration practices. By taking an equity stake in Thor Energy we signal our long-term commitment to redefining how minerals are found at their Alford East Project and beyond.” 

The collaboration will initially drive ANT surveys using Exosphere technology over the northern part of the Alford East Project. This low-impact exploration technique harnesses natural environmental vibrations to analyse the Earth's composition at significant depths. 

The integration of this data with Thor's existing 3D geological model will provide an understanding of structural and lithological controls on mineralization, facilitating the identification of high-potential drill targets.

Data is collected using portable Geode devices, which capture subtle vibrations from both natural and human sources. The data collected is then promptly processed and efficiently transmitted through Fleet's network of low earth orbit satellites.

"This partnership signals Fleet Space Technology and Thor Energy’s shared commitment to innovation. The satellite enabled exploration approach made possible by Fleet’s Exosphere technology is driving greater efficiency and accuracy across the industry," said Nicole Galloway Warland, Managing Director of Thor Energy.

"We are delighted that Fleet has signalled its intent for a long-term collaboration at Alford East by taking a stake in Thor Energy that see us become partners in innovation as we work together to redefine exploration practices for the better.”

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