• Products from Infinity Avionics have been used in several satellites manufactured by Australia, France, Japan, and Lithuania. (Infinity Avionics)
    Products from Infinity Avionics have been used in several satellites manufactured by Australia, France, Japan, and Lithuania. (Infinity Avionics)

Infinity Avionics, a Canberra-based space startup, will expand its space camera solutions, now to develop high-resolution cameras for a range of space applications including earth observation, space-based space surveillance, and spacecraft monitoring.

One of the first high-resolution camera solutions by Infinity Avionics is set to be launched in 2022 as a partnership with space-based satellite inspection services company HEO Robotics.

“The state of the art camera range designed and built in Australia will improve the earth observation and space domain awareness capabilities of Australia," Igor Dimitrijevic, CEO and Co-founder of Infinity Avionics, said. “We’ve seen great success with our existing products, the SelfieCam and SelfieCam-Video, for spacecraft monitoring.

"These have already been used in many Australian and international space missions to monitor spacecraft deployments.

“We have a team with extensive spacecraft design experience and advanced flight-proven processor capabilities, so Infinity Avionics is well poised to design and manufacture world-leading space camera solutions in Australia.”

The first camera system developed as a partnership with HEO Robotics and the Australian National University that is set to be launched in 2022 will expand the on-orbit capabilities for HEO Robotics. The imaging system would be used to conduct space-based inspection operations in orbits, which are currently not covered by the HEO sensor network, achieving a new key milestone.

HEO co-founder and CTO Dr Hiranya Jayakody reinforced the importance of this technology.

“Cameras owned and operated by HEO Robotics, like the Holmes imaging system developed by Infinity Avionics and ANU, allows us to further expand our coverage in LEO and provide our customers with timely insights," Dr Jayakody said.

The new partnership between the two SMEs will lead to advanced imaging capabilities developed here in Australia.

“HEO Robotics is excited to partner with Infinity Avionics to build the Holmes Imaging System," Dr Jayakody said. "Infinity Avionics has a proven track record of building robust sensor systems and processors for multiple Australian and international satellite missions and we are looking forward to the journey ahead.”

The new range of camera solutions from Infinity Avionics is designed to tolerate radiation effects expected in low earth orbit, providing reliable imaging solutions for Australian and international space missions. In addition to the range of camera solutions suitable for low earth orbit, Infinity Avionics is already planning on their radiation-hardened camera solutions for geostationary satellites, lunar missions, and rover applications. Infinity Avionics believes its unique range of camera solutions will play a big role in Australian sovereign space capability, including the Moon to Mars initiative.

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