• AVT's Micro Gimbal. (AVT Australia)
    AVT's Micro Gimbal. (AVT Australia)

The government has announced a series of Defence Innovation Hub contracts.

First, $5.2 million has been awarded to a Melbourne company to develop a system capable of improving the quality of images captured by drones. Under this new contract, AVT Australia is aiming to reduce the size of the technology to enable integration of multiple sensors as well as incorporating a range of autonomous tracking algorithms.

Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price announced the contract with AVT Australia today at the Defence Innovation Hub Industry Conference in Canberra.

“AVT Australia is committed to developing the world’s best micro gimbal system which could provide a significant capability edge in a future battlefield environment,” Minister Price said.

Minister Price also announced a $3.4 million contract with another Melbourne company, Textron Systems, to continue the development of their drone technology following a successful phase one contract with the Defence Innovation Hub.

A South Australian business will also partner with Defence to determine how space technologies can be used securely for military operations.

The $299,000 contract will allow CyberOps to develop a security framework for nano-satellite development programs and operating systems.

Minister Price said the rapid growth of new space technologies provided significant opportunities for the space industry, but highlighted that security must be a priority for Australia.

“We rely on space-based technology to support our way of life, including a range of communication activities, satellite imagery and timing signals from GPS-type navigation systems,” Minister Price said.

“The contract with CyberOps aims to improve Australia’s growing sovereign space industry by increasing the security and resilience of our military space systems.

“Since its inception, the Defence Innovation Hub has invested more than $23 million in space related innovations ranging from nano-satellites to radar systems that will enhance space situational awareness.”

“CyberOps is just one of many SA businesses working with Defence to deliver world-leading capability solutions, and I congratulate them on securing this contract," Federal Member for Sturt James Stevens said.

“Companies working with Defence through the Defence Innovation Hub are developing cutting-edge and world-first technologies to equip our war fighters with some of the most advanced capabilities.”

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