• Credit: Inovor
    Credit: Inovor

Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) has announced a strategic agreement with Australian space service provider, Inovor Technologies, to support its ‘Hosted Missions Program,’ a key feature of LMA’s JP9102 Enhanced Australian Industry Capability (AIC) plan.

If adopted, LMA’s Hosted Missions Program would utilise surplus capacity aboard JP102 launch vehicles for small Australian designed and built satellite missions, providing multiple mission opportunities along with the baseline JP9102 resilient, sovereign, SATCOM capability.

Hosted missions could include spacecraft to augment the resilience of the primary mission or could also align with future Defence, Australian Space Agency, or commercial missions, the company says.

According to David Ball, Lockheed Martin Australia’s Regional Director for Space, the Hosted Missions Program would enable Australian organisations to benefit more widely from LMA’s JP9102 proposal.

“We’re committed to supporting Australian space industry by maximising the benefits of existing launch opportunities,” said Ball. “Inovor, as the only spacecraft manufacturer in Australia developing bespoke spacecraft subsystems, and with deep experience providing satellite mission solutions for Defence, would support the Hosted Missions Program with exploratory studies, knowledge sharing, program planning activities and safety design requirements.”

“By offering to facilitate launch and transferring engineering know-how and capability to these organisations, Lockheed Martin Australia is contributing to the ongoing development of our nation’s robust space capability,” Ball added.

“As a passionate supporter of Australia’s future space industry, Inovor welcomes the opportunity to contribute our expertise to Lockheed Martin Australia’s Hosted Missions Program,” said Matt Tetlow, founder and CEO of Inovor Technologies. “We’re excited by the opportunity to work hand in glove with Lockheed Martin Australia to create unparalleled opportunities for Australian space organisations, while also ensuring any hosted mission adds no risk to the safety and security of the primary JP9102 spacecraft.”

“By maximising Australia’s in-country space capabilities, Lockheed Martin Australia’s Hosted Missions Program would provide another major boost for the Australian space sector,” Tetlow added.

LMA's team for JP9102 also includes Av-Comm, Calytrix Technologies, Clearbox Systems, Conscia, DXC, EM Solutions, Linfox, Ronson Gears, Shoal Group and STEM Punks.

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