• Wynn Pointaux via Pixabay
    Wynn Pointaux via Pixabay

Magia Solutions has announced a strategic partnership with Australian Data Centres (ADC) to support government departments seeking to adopt Oracle Cloud Services from the recently announced Oracle Cloud Region in Canberra.

This partnership will provide agencies access to Australia’s top Oracle cloud experts to design and execute their pathways to Oracle Cloud.

Surend Dayal, the CEO of Magia Solutions, previously led Oracle’s Public Sector business in Australia. He has worked in Oracle for ten years under several designations in the US, APAC, and Australia. 

"The Oracle and ADC partnership for the Oracle Sovereign Cloud Region is a much-needed investment to provide the Commonwealth more choice in hyperscale cloud providers," Dayal said. "Magia has established a priority focus on the Federal market to help agencies take advantage of this investment by ADC.”

“Our mission has been to make strategic investments that will foster more choice and access to innovation for the Commonwealth," Rob Kelly, Managing Director, Australian Data Centres said. “We are delighted that our partnership with Oracle has enabled Magia, a high-quality Australian business, to strategically re-enter the federal market. Choice is a fundamental necessity for any market, and particularly the Australian federal market, to ensure all Australian companies have a fair go at securing business.

“Magia is one of many to be announced strategic Australian SME partnerships that we have put in place in recent months ADC will be a lighthouse to attract and support Australian SME providers that can deliver innovative service offerings that the Commonwealth can be confident will meet their strategic hosting provider objectives.”

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