• Credit: Neumann Space
    Credit: Neumann Space

Neumann Space has announced the successful completion of the first on-orbit tests of its propulsion system, the Neumann Drive.

The on-orbit testing was designed to validate the system’s electronics, demonstrate charging of its power capacitors, and conduct a test firing of the thruster.

With this testing complete, Neumann Space becomes the first commercial entity to fire a thruster in space that utilises molybdenum as a solid metallic propellant for electric propulsion.

The first-generation Neumann Drive was integrated onto a Skykraft-3 satellite launched into space in June of this year.

“We are pleased to have successfully begun our on-orbit testing of the performance of the Neumann Drive and achieved our initial mission objectives,” said Herve Astier, Neumann Space CEO.

“The industry is experiencing a rapid surge in the launch of satellites into space, accompanied by heightened regulatory standards and mission demands. This convergence is generating a robust need for enhanced propulsion systems, and our program of on-orbit testing is designed to move us quickly to commercialisation and to answer the needs of an underserved market.”

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