• The Penten team at the awards. Credit: Penten
    The Penten team at the awards. Credit: Penten

Penten has been named Australia and NZ's Most Innovative Company for 2019 and also took out Best Innovation Program, 2019 in the Government category at the prestigious Australian Financial Review and Boss Magazine Awards.

Penten ranked first for both awards from over 800 organisations across Australia and NZ. This award is based on rigorous assessment processes managed by Australian consultancy Inventium in conjunction with a panel of industry experts judges.

“We are lucky to work with some of the most talented cyber security professionals in Australia and the world, working on some of the hardest cyber problems facing the nation," Penten CEO, Matthew Wilson said.

“Winning this award is a testament to the innovative thinking our engineers and scientists employ every day. We’re truly humbled by their dedication to Penten’s goal of helping to protect those who protect us.”

Penten was applauded for the AltoCrypt Stik. This device is just one product from Penten’s suite of secure mobility solutions. These solutions enable mobile secure access to classified information for government.

The AltoCrypt Stik is smaller and less expensive than previous solutions that traditionally come in the form of a heavy mobile briefcase or via a wired and cabled environment.

Penten also creates unique cyber simulation and decoy products using a novel combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence allowing users to track and detect adversaries immediately. The usual time to detect a breach is 200 days.

Penten was formed only four years ago with a simple vision to solve some of the hardest cyber security problems faced by the Australian Government and its allies. In this short time, the team has grown from four to over 70 staff.

Penten has evolved as one of Australia’s emerging cyber security and Defence growth stories and last year won another prestigious award; Business of the Year 2018 at the Telstra Business Awards.

“We are thrilled to announce the first ever industry specific Most Innovative Companies List," Dr Amantha Imber, Founder, Inventium said. "What separated the most innovative organisations from the least, was the involvement of the customer the entire way through the innovation process. Leading innovators also had strong mechanisms in place to recognise the innovation efforts of their staff."

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