• One of SAP's Data Center locations in Walldorf, Germany. (Credit: Norbert Steinhauser/SAP)
    One of SAP's Data Center locations in Walldorf, Germany. (Credit: Norbert Steinhauser/SAP)

SAP has this week announced plans to launch SAP Critical Data Cloud, a fully managed service designed for powering the critical operations of government and regulated industries across Australia and NZ.

The cloud service aims to help protect the core business applications of governments and highly regulated industries including financial services, healthcare and utilities.

Planned to be operational in the second half of 2021, the platform is intended to "support the Australian Government’s Official: Sensitive and Protected information, enabling customers to make faster, more informed decisions and with greater peace of mind".

SAP calls it a "significant investment" on improving whole-of-economy cybersecurity. 

The platform is initially available for human resources (SAP SuccessFactors) and SAP’s full suite of finance, analytics and machine learning applications (SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP S/4HANA). 

SAP Critical Data Cloud also enables customers to extend functionality within the same certified framework and supports secure integration to other systems, for example public cloud, bespoke applications.

“The legislative environment and cyber considerations in both Australia and New Zealand require organisations of different sizes to think hard about moving to cloud,” Damien Bueno, President and Managing Director, SAP Australia NZ said. 

“In support of those pursuing a cloud agenda, SAP is providing a service that puts all its software and service assets in an environment that exhibits the cloud and security characteristics needed to meet the legislative and security requirements of government.

“As a global enterprise provider and supporter to some of the world’s largest organisations, we’ve looked at how to drive efficiencies and provide customers with the capacity to deliver the sovereignty, security and confidence they need from a trusted platform.

"This follows the launch of RISE with SAP, providing customers with everything they need to transform their organisation in a way that works best for them.”

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