• Kleos is a space-powered Radio Frequency Reconnaissance data provider.
    Kleos is a space-powered Radio Frequency Reconnaissance data provider. Kleos

SYPAQ has been confirmed as the exclusive Australia-NZ (ANZ) agent for Kleos Space, in an announcement made to the Australian Stock Exchange.

Kleos is a space-powered Radio Frequency Reconnaissance data provider. SYPAQ will exclusively market and sell Kleos data on behalf of the company into new and existing programs and customers, and provide direct local support to Kleos’ regional government and industry customers.

Kleos data will enhance support to ANZ Defence and Border Services, providing additional resources to monitor suspect and illegal activities at sea, including smuggling, illegal migration, fishing, whaling and vessels in distress.

“This exciting partnership shows that SYPAQ continues to be at the forefront of innovative C4ISREW technologies,” SYPAQ CEO Amanda Holt said. “As an Australian business, our focus is always on delivering genuine sovereign industry capability for Australia.

“A key aspect of this is strategic partnering to leverage successful technology transfers from the best in the world. We are confident we have found such a partner in Kleos.”

“The Kleos business model is to sell our data products through integrators (those that add the data to other data sets before selling a derived product), channel partners (those with the technical capabilities to add value to the data product and support the aftersales appropriately) and agents where there is a need for additional support requiring exclusivity in a region,” Pete Round, Kleos Chairman and Director for Global Business Development said. “SYPAQ offers us access to end user requirements, existing programs and existing budgets enabling Kleos to engage with a far wider customer community quicker than if Kleos was to work directly with end users as well as being able to provide pre- and post-sales support to the region.”

Acting as ‘Exclusive Territory Agents’, SYPAQ will provide direct tactical and operational support to Kleos’ customers in Australia and NZ. SYPAQ will be the primary point of contact for both sales and support in the region.

According to Kleos, the arrangement means considerable operational cost benefits will be achieved compared to establishing a regional Kleos operations office.

The orbits of Kleos’ first two clusters provide strategic coverage of the South Pacific Ocean between Australia and NZ, and the west coast of Australia.

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