Cyber + Space

The Defence Estate and Infrastructure Group (E&IG) have handed over ownership of the new Space Surveillance Telescope Building to CASG.

Two SA companies have have agreed to work together in delivering the first fully Australian designed, developed, launched and operated Defence electronic warfare satellite system.

"That team of 12 took less than 48 hours to completely unpack the Blue Force. They had unit nomenclature, unit locations and in some cases unit intent."

Everyone agrees that government and industry collaboration is key for effective cybersecurity, but deciding exactly what this looks like, how it is to be achieved and when it will happen has taken a while.

When the Information Warfare Division was stood up almost two years ago, there was some confusion outside Russell about how they would fit into the cyber landscape.

Alastair MacGibbon, head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, has announced that he will be leaving the job.

ADM’s first Space Summit attracted government and industry leaders to present on the local space sector and its intersection with Defence.

Cyber attacks are evolving in terms of what they target and the changing methods of attack, yet 77 per cent of organisations do not even have a cybersecurity plan.

One project explores whether ‘quantum’ radar can be used to detect stealth aircraft.

The investment makes the SmartSat CRC, a national research powerhouse involving $190 million of funding, the biggest investment in space industry R&D in Australian history.

The Australian Space Agency (ASA) has released a 10 year plan to guide the growth of the country’s civilian space industry.

One of the biggest reasons that satellites go dead is that they simply run out of fuel. This means they can no longer course correct to stay in their designated orbit. What does in-space refuelling look like?

If you’re looking to build a spaceport, Australia is a good place to start. So why don't we have one?

A Defence High Performance Computing Centre is to be constructed at the Defence Science and Technology site in Edinburgh, SA.

The government has announced that it will put $6 million towards a Mission Control Centre for the Australian Space Agency.