A P-8A simulator training system, improved hangars and an extended runway form the bulk of the spend

The annual ADM Defence Estate and Base Services Summit was held in Canberra on September 19, attracting over 300 delegates and a range of local and international speakers from across Defence and industry.

The pilot projects will require tenderers bidding for major capital facilities projects to state clearly how they have engaged with local industry in providing their tendered solution.

A leading global defence consultancy has secured a number of projects through the DEIG – DIP arrangement with the Department of Defence.

The fifth annual ADM Defence Estate and Base Services Summit was held in Canberra on September 21, attracting delegates from across Defence, government and industry. The event this year was the biggest ever, with over 250 people attending the one-day conference.

The Force Posture Agreement signed between the Australian and US governments will see the Defence footprint in the NT grow significantly in the next few years.

It is now 12 months since the revolutionary Base Services contracts were signed with industry and it can be argued that there is now sufficient water under the bridge to judge how successful (or otherwise) they have been.

For a member of the ADF, news of a posting to NT is often met with trepidation, but while some see it as a challenge others are excited by the prospect of a lifestyle often unavailable in the temperate south of the country.

More than 200 delegates from across Defence and Industry gathered at Canberra’s Hotel Realm on September 10 for the third annual ADM Defence Support Services Summit.

The Woomera Test Range is set to commence a much-needed update in the second half of the decade, as the wide-ranging JP3024 Phase 1 gains traction.

All capital works programs which cost more than $2 million dollars have to be reported to the Public Works Committee and if they are more than $15 million in scope then they must be referred to the committee. But just what is the Public Works Committee and how does it work?

Defence introduced its Base Services Retendering Request for Information (RFI) to industry at a well-attended briefing session in Melbourne on April 2nd.

The Request For Information seeking industry feedback, comments and suggestions on the intentions for the future provision of Base Services activities is set to close on 27 April 2012.