• New ASIO chief Mike Burgess. Credit: @MikePBurgess
    New ASIO chief Mike Burgess. Credit: @MikePBurgess

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has appointed Mike Burgess, currently Director-General of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), to lead ASIO.

In a statement, the PM noted Burgess' experience across Australia's intelligence organisations.

"Burgess has significant experience across intelligence and cyber security having previously served as a member of the Federal Government’s Naval Shipbuilding Advisory Board, Deputy Director for Cyber and Information Security at the Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) and as Chief Information Security Officer at Telstra," the statement reads.

"He brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of Australia’s national information, intelligence and security landscape gained through many years of experience spanning public service and private industry."

The government also thanked outgoing chief Duncan Lewis.

"The government would like to thank and congratulate the outgoing Director-General, Duncan Lewis, for his distinguished career dedicated to protecting Australians and their interests at home and abroad.

"In addition to his leadership at ASIO, Lewis has served in senior military and civilian roles including commanding Australian Special Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, Secretary of the Department of Defence and as Australia’s Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg, The European Union and NATO."

Burgess will assume the role on September 15.

ADM's Managing Editor Katherine Ziesing recently spoke with Principal Deputy Director-General of ASD and interim ACSC chief LTGEN John Frewen. That article is available here.

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