• AML3D ARCEMY® Production Cell. (Supplied)
    AML3D ARCEMY® Production Cell. (Supplied)

AML3D has received a purchase contract to produce a 3D printed tooling component from Boeing.

The contract is to supply an Invar‑361 ”mandrel tool artifact”, weighing 150 kg, using the company’s proprietary Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM) process.

This initial purchase contract is for one artifact which will be assessed and tested for its mechanical properties, internal soundness, vacuum integrity and to assess AML3D’s ability to produce to Boeing specifications.

"Although the part value being manufactured is below $50,000, the significance of this initial purchase contract from Boeing is high given the size and credibility of the counterparty together with the potential commercial benefits of future collaborations with the group," the company said in a statement.

“AML3D is very excited to begin working with Boeing, one of the world’s largest aerospace companies," AML3D Managing Director Andrew Sales said. "This purchase contract will provide the company with a key opportunity to showcase its ability to produce parts on time and to specification with a high-quality customer as the world adapts to 3D printed solutions in addition to traditional manufacturing.”

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