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DEWC Systems and J3Seven’s latest commercial collaboration, dubbed Project O.W.L.S., aims to develop a 'novel solution' that will improve the soldiers’ situational awareness.

DEWC Systems, a SA company, designs and prototypes EW technologies and applications for Defence and industry customers. The company has honed its capabilities in sensor miniaturisation and communications technologies through the development of the Miniaturised Orbital Electronic Sensor System (MOESS) and the successful launch of the DEWC-SP1 micro sensor package on board the first commercial space-capable rocket from Australian soil.

The company will now identify initiatives to improve and extend the use of those sensor technologies so it can support J3Seven’s personal CBRNE devices.

“DEWC Systems has developed a strong reputation for innovation,” DEWC Systems CEO Ian Spencer said. “We were the first Australian company to launch a payload on a space capable rocket from Australian soil which helped lead Australia into the Space 4.0 era. We are excited to be able combine these skills with the first-hand battlefield experience of J3Seven to deliver this important capability.”

J3Seven provides CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear and Explosion) equipment and exploitation products, training and maintenance to the Defence, national security and first responders. The company developed the world’s first mobile radiation detection system, RANID, which allows operators, commanders and scientist real-time, quantifiable spectral analysis anywhere in the world with reach-back to Australian laboratories.

“Utilising our soldier system expertise and our real-world battlefield experience, J3Seven will develop the technical solution and protype for Project O.W.L.S. Intrinsic to developing this unique and sovereign capability will be connecting it into the land-space domain,” Gareth Molnar, CEO J3Seven, said. “We are delighted to be collaborating with the team at DEWC Systems to keep Australian soldiers future ready.”

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