More than 300,000 additional serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) members, including Reservists and Peacekeepers, regardless of their length of service are now able to access all-inclusive home building insurance through Defence Service Homes (DSH) Insurance.

DSH Insurance’s eligibility expansion has broadened the access for those serving and ex-serving ADF members residing in regional Australia and particularly, those currently posted or living in areas that have high risk of cyclones, bushfires and other natural catastrophes. 

For over 100 years, DSH Insurance has provided comprehensive home insurance to eligible serving and ex-serving ADF members with attractive premiums that include a range of benefits such as no excess for insured events*, accidental damage, and fusion of motor cover at no additional charge.

No excess on claims is a unique feature that puts our policyholders front of mind as this supports them getting their home back to a pre-damage condition without having to worry about paying an excess - helping ease the pressure on many household budgets.

DSH Insurance is a highly valued benefit amongst the ADF community with nine out of ten policyholders renewing their insurance each year. No claim or query is hard to handle, our Australian based service team operates nationally, providing uncomplicated insurance and claim services that help ensure our policyholders receive the settlement they are entitled to.

DSH Insurance is Government owned and administered by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) with revenue generated from premiums invested back into DSH Insurance – providing high quality insurance products and services at a competitive price.

Find out more by visiting or speak to our friendly customer service on 1300 552 662.

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