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Hanwha Defense Australia will partner with ANCA Engineering Solutions, a division of ANCA Group, for the manufacture of an advanced suspension system for the Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

The Redback, designed by Hanwha Defense headquartered in South Korea, is under consideration by the Commonwealth under an ongoing tender process for Land 400 Phase 3.

Should the Redback be selected, Australian-owned company ANCA Engineering Solutions, based in the Melbourne suburb of Bayswater will manufacture and support the advanced suspension system following a transfer of technology from Hanwha’s Korean based collaborator Mottrol.

The innovative in-arm system does not use torsion bars allowing more space for blast mitigation systems as well as providing a smoother ride.

“We are very pleased to have a tremendous Australian company like ANCA Engineering Solutions involved with Team Redback,” said Richard Cho, Managing Director of Hanwha Defense Australia.

Should Hanwha be successful, this will be ANCA Engineering Solutions’ first major manufacturing project within the Defence sector.

The arrangement will also enable ANCA to design and develop bespoke support and test equipment for use throughout the Redback’s life of type.

“ANCA is extremely happy to be working with Hanwha in Australia as part of Team Redback,” said Dr Christopher Hegarty, Chief Executive Officer of ANCA Group.

“We have a long and very successful history of being a world leader in manufacturing CNC machines, including many years of exporting to South Korea, and now through our agreement with Mottrol we will be supplying directly into one of the world’s best armou red vehicle programs, using our own machines, from right here in Melbourne. ”

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