• (Credit: BAE)
    (Credit: BAE)

Victoria’s APV has been awarded a three year US$500,000 contract to supply passenger restraints for military vehicles.

APV military seatbelts will be used in several next generation amphibious and land military platforms built by BAE Systems in the US, including the Amphibious Combat Vehicle program for the US Marines and Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle program for the US Army that replaces the M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier.

APV has been providing restraints for Australian and North American military vehicles since 2002. The contract, with an optional additional year, was secured through the company’s involvement with BAE Systems Australia’s Global Supply Chain program.

“Through our global business, we are opening the door to a global supply chain worth around AU$17 billion, introducing local SMEs to new markets and opportunities," BAE Systems Australia CEO, Gabby Costigan, said. “We have a wealth of world leading, industrial suppliers in Australia and we see it as our duty to support them to achieve success through exports.

“APV is a fantastic example of this and with its involvement in this program, we will continue to provide the highest level of protection within our company’s military vehicles.”

"This agreement builds on APV's track record of providing battle-proven military restraints since 2002, including the Australian Bushmaster and US MaxxpPro MRAP vehicles during the Afghanistan conflict where there was no loss of life of personnel wearing APV restraints within these vehicles," Managing Director and CEO of APV Safety Products, Harry Hickling said. 

“The relationship with BAE Systems in the US means APV is working on the most technically advanced protected amphibious and land vehicle systems in the North American market."

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