• The number of ATGM launchers for the Boxers has been reduced.
    The number of ATGM launchers for the Boxers has been reduced. Defence

The number of anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) launchers to equip turreted Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRVs) being acquired under Land 400 Phase 2 has been significantly reduced to save costs, Defence has confirmed.

The requirement for turreted Direct Fire High Survivability Lift (DFHSL) Boxers was reduced from 180 to 133 prior to tender negotiations due to cost pressures, according to sources close to the program.

All DFHSL Boxers were originally intended to have been equipped with two-round launchers for the Spike LR2 ATGM but this number was reduced to 40 under the acquisition contract signed with Rheinmetall Defence Australia in August 2018, the sources confirmed.

“During the year-long risk mitigation activity (RMA) the Commonwealth became aware of the modular nature of the tendered vehicles and the options this provided in relation to its major subsystems,” a Defence spokesperson told ADM.

“This activity also facilitated the adjustment of the variant mix to best meet Army’s needs. Additionally, the feasibility of a Deployment Kit strategy was explored to maximise capability in accordance with Army’s force capability cycle (raise, train, sustain) in a more cost-effective manner.”

Deployment Kits were issued and fitted only when vehicles were identified for operational deployment, and were not required to be fitted for training activities, the spokesperson said.

“The number of Deployment Kits procured under the Land 400 Phase 2 acquisition contract, which includes anti-tank guided missile launchers and air burst munition sensors, has been calculated to meet Army’s needs.

“All combat reconnaissance vehicles will be fitted for the respective elements of the Deployment Kit applicable to each variant.

“Combat reconnaissance vehicles deployed on operations will be equipped with the elements from the Deployment Kit to match the assessed threat profile. The modular nature of the Deployment Kits allows for quick and easy fitting by a unit-level workshop.”

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