• A Bushmaster, a famous Australian export story, during testing at Woomera. 
    A Bushmaster, a famous Australian export story, during testing at Woomera. Defence

Updated 19 July 0854

Minister for Defence Industry Pat Conroy has announced Government approval for the Land Force Level Electronic Warfare Project valued at nearly $75 million.

The Project Land 555 Phase 6 will modify existing Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles and install Electronic Warfare systems into these vehicles. The contract period commenced on 17 May 2022 and is expected to be completed by Q4 2025.

Minister Conroy said the systems would improve the ADF’s ability to monitor and control the electronic environment and, where necessary, deny or degrade the electronic systems of adversaries.

“The Government is committed to increasing the ADF’s ability to operate and fight in complex electromagnetic environments,” Minister Conroy said.

“This new capability will give our Land Force a better range of options to continue to pursue our interests in our region and deter, defeat and deny attacks and threats against Australia.

“The Project will complement air and maritime force level electronic warfare systems, further enhancing these capabilities when deployed in combination as a Joint Force.” 

The Government has awarded delivery of the Force Level Electronic Warfare System project to Raytheon Australia.

Minister Conroy said Australian industry would be involved in supply, training and maintenance support.

“The Project will inject more than $46 million into Australian industry, contributing to strengthening our sovereign defence industrial base, supporting delivery of multiple Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities and growing the skills of our local workforce,” Minister Conroy said.

"Raytheon Australia has been contracted to deliver to Army a Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle-Medium based Force Level Electronic Warfare capability under Tranche 2 of the Land 555 Phase 6 project. This project builds on the Tranche 1 delivery of additional electronic warfare systems, and facilities already supplied to Army through Land 555 Phase 6 Tranche 1," a Defence spokesperson said.

"The contract (which consists of two parts) has been awarded to Raytheon Australia to provide the Land Electronic Warfare capability that will complement existing systems and enhance the ability to deter, defeat and deny attacks and threats.

"The capability is anticipated to be delivered in late 2025 and will provide the Army with a Force Level electronic warfare capability to be interoperable with joint and coalition partner electronic warfare systems.

"Land 555 Phase 6 will deliver Electronic Support and Electronic Attack capabilities mounted on the Bushmaster platform: in addition to Electronic Support and Electronic Attack, Land 555 Ph 6 is delivering a dedicated Command and Control capability, to better coordinate EW effects on the battlefield.

"Army receives Electronic Warfare products and specialist support from the local subsidiaries of major international defence firms."

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