• Hanwha's K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer. (Hanwha Defense)
    Hanwha's K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer. (Hanwha Defense)

Hanwha Defense will be working with Australia’s Bisalloy for the steel involved in the $1.7 billion Egyptian K9 artillery program, leveraging the work done with the company on Australian programs under Land 8116 for the Australian AS9 and AS10 vehicles and Land 400 Phase 3. An order is expected to be in made Q4 of 2022.

Hanwha Defense entered into the agreement with the Government of Egypt in February of this year to supply substantial quantities of Self Propelled Howizters (SPH) and Armoured Resupply Vehicle (ARV).

The contract is valued around $1.7 billion for hundreds of the K9 Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH), K10 Ammunition Resupply Vehicles, and K11 Fire Direction Control Vehicle with the SPH variant to be known as the K9A1 EGY. The K11 Fire Direction Control Vehicle is a new vehicle to be developed for the Egyptian military. Using the K9 chassis, the command-post vehicle will be equipped with a range of high-tech sensor and communication equipment in accordance with operational requirements of the Egyptian Army and Navy.

“It has been a tremendous experience working with Bisalloy, and to see Australian companies enter the wider Hanwha Defense offering internationally is fantastic,” Hanwha Defense Australia MD, Richard Cho said. “We see this very productive partnership continuing for many years as we explore further opportunities to use Bisalloy steel in the wider Hanwha product range building on our strong foundation.

"Strategic supply for Korea is an essential national requirement and Bisalloy are now a part of this solution.”

“Bisalloy Steels have been working with Hanwha Defense for the supply of armoured steel for the Huntsman program in Australia,” Bisalloy Steels CEO and MD, Rowan Melrose said. “We are very pleased to be partnering together on this with our first orders of armour plate for the Australian program now received.

"Bisalloy Steels Australia and Hanwha Defence Korea have signed a Letter of Intent to supply the Government of Egypt for their own SPHs.

"We are excited to be entering into Hanwha’s global supply chain, extending Bisalloy’s global defence customer base.”

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