• Credit: EOS
    Credit: EOS

Electro Optic Systems (EOS) today marked the official Australian launch of its R400 Marine (R400-M) remote weapon station (RWS) at a special event held at the INDO PACIFIC 2022 International Maritime Exposition.

The marine RWS, which is currently in production for a major overseas customer, differs from the company’s range of Land R400 RWS only through the inclusion of sub-components and finishes.

The Commonwealth also announced today its plan to supply the R400-M remote weapon station as Government Furnished Equipment for the Army’s Land 8710-1 Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel – Medium capability.

“The R400-M, the latest version of the operationally proven R400 RWS family, offers customers the firepower and specialist ammunition natures possible for weapons up to and including 30 mm cannon, but in the weight and form factor of competitors’ machine gun systems. We are proud that the R400-M has been selected for Land 8710-1," Matt Jones, CEO, EOS Defence Systems (Australia), said.

The company says the system is equally effective at countering drone threats and more conventional maritime adversaries.

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