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Lightforce Group’s defence arm Force Ordnance has been selected to provide its Nightforce precision rifle scopes to the ADF as part of the Sniper Systems component of the Land 159 Lethality Systems Project Tranche 1.

The development paves the way for Force Ordnance’s M663 MIL-SPEC ATACR 7-35x56F1 scope to bring ADF sniper capability up to Five-Eyes nation standards.

Force Ordnance’s scope met the requirements of the Long Range Anti-Personnel Sniper Capability (LRAPSC) element of Land 159 and will equip specially trained ADF snipers to deliver precision fire against enemy combatants at ranges up to 1800 metres in day and night conditions.

Typical deployments include support to patrols, operations, surveillance and other specified tasks as well as Anti-Materiel Sniper Capability (AMSC) for the purposes of providing precision fire against enemy materiel (such as vehicles and equipment) at ranges of up to 2500 metres.

Force Ordnance Business Development Manager, Paul Mason, served as a sniper in the ADF for 17 years, 12 of which with the Special Air Service Regiment, and believes the ATACR 7-35x56mm F1 is a 'game-changer' for ADF snipers.

“The obvious benefit is the magnification improvement which takes ADF scope capability from 3-12 to 7-35 power, which in practical terms means that snipers can accurately identify targets at 1200m, which is double the currently capability," Mason said.

“Currently, a sniper would have to use an independent spotting scope to accurately identify targets beyond 600 metres whereas now that capability is built into the scope."

For Mason, of perhaps equal advantage is the addition of the TREMOR3TM reticle to the system, which he says allows snipers to accurately range targets. Built by Horus Vision Reticle Technologies, a Lightforce Group company, the TREMOR3TM reticle reportedly gives users the capability to quickly estimate the range to targets while also giving the user wind speed and drop correction information for fast and accurate second shot corrections.

“The TREMOR3TM reticle is used by USSOCOM and US Navy SEALS and is a preferred choice of multiple Precision Rifle Series (PRS) Champions," Mason said.

Lightforce Group owner and founder Dr Ray Dennis said that Force Ordnance’s selection as part of Land 159 is a major stepping-stone for the company and rounds off a very successful business development phase for the company.

“We recently announced that our world-renowned automotive and hunting lights are being trialled by the ADF and are in service in other leading military outfits across the world,” Dennis explained.

“Our scopes are trusted by the best marksmen in the world and it is very satisfying that we can now contribute so meaningfully to Australian sovereign defence capability through the provision of this rifle scope system."

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