• Supplied: Rheinmetall
    Supplied: Rheinmetall

Marand Precision Australia has entered a contract with Rheinmetall Defence Australia to manufacture a Roof Module for the Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) for export to the US.

The vehicle will support Team Lynx US testing activities associated with the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) program.

Under a Teaming Agreement with Rheinmetall also covering the Land 400 Phase 3 program, Marand will produce Roof Module subassemblies and other parts of the vehicle at its Geelong manufacturing facilities.

While there are multiple variants of the Lynx vehicle, under the Teaming Agreement Marand supplies all variants for the Land 400 Phase 3 program with this particular contract for the Roof Module for Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV), a major defence program that Rheinmetall’s global operation is pursuing.

The order marks the first contract signed between Marand and Rheinmetall and will proceed ahead of the Land 400 Phase 3 bid decision to support current Rheinmetall programs in other parts of the world. It is Marand’s first opportunity to access Rheinmetall’s global programs.

Marand Chief Executive Rohan Stocker said the contract helped to accelerate and solidify Marand’s business dealings and relationship with Rheinmetall, and that it would bolster its growing export capacity into markets around the world.

“By producing such a major component in the form of the Roof Module for the Lynx IFV in Geelong, Marand and Rheinmetall will be working in partnership to further develop the Australian supply chain and establish armour steel welding capabilities in support of the Land 400 Phase 3 program," Stocker said.

“We welcome the opportunity to leverage the investment we have made in the local Land 400 Phase 3 program, and in the process help our partner Rheinmetall on their other campaigns. Going forward we continue to build on our Teaming Agreement, and this roof module will serve to de-risk the planned Australian production, should the LYNX bid be successful,” Stocker said.

Marand has operations in Melbourne and Geelong and supplies sophisticated engineering solutions to the defence, aerospace, rail, automotive and mining sectors.

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