• Rheinmetall's Lynx Combat Support Vehicle (CSV). (Supplied)
    Rheinmetall's Lynx Combat Support Vehicle (CSV). (Supplied)

Marand Precision Engineering has entered a contract with mobility and counter-mobility equipment manufacturer Pearson Engineering Limited (PEL) that will localise production in Australia of a prototype Earth Anchor Dozer Blade for mechanised land forces.

Manufacturing of PEL’s first Australian-made Earth Anchor Dozer Blade is 'well underway' with Marand manufacturing and assembling the unit.

The first unit has been delivered and mounted to Rheinmetall Defence Australia’s (RDA) Lynx Combat Support Vehicle (CSV) as part of Marand’s broader partnership with RDA to deliver the Lynx IFV.

“Having an established and well-recognised pedigree in fabrication and manufacturing put Marand on a very reliable and solid footing for seamless and on-time delivery for Pearson Engineering, as part of its supply arrangement with Rheinmetall,” said Marand Precision Engineering CEO Rohan Stocker.

“It also complements other packages of work that Marand will deliver to Rheinmetall under an ongoing supply partnership.”

The Earth Anchor Dozer Blade is a dozing and vehicle anchoring blade that holds a vehicle static to provide a platform for winching operations in a wide range of ground conditions. The blade’s adjustable pitch, controlled by hydraulic cylinders, allows it to be optimised as an earth anchor or as a dozer blade, dependent on operational requirements.

Marand has operations in Melbourne and Geelong and supplies sophisticated engineering solutions to the defence, aerospace, rail, automotive and mining sectors. 

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