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Australian companies Minelab and EPE have announced an Exclusive Teaming Agreement in support of specific Defence land projects.

"The clear synergies between Minelab and EPE are evident," the companies said in a joint statement.

EPE is an Australian veteran owned company delivering Counter-IED and Counter Explosive Hazards (CEH) capabilities to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF). CEH capabilities delivered by EPE to search for, detect and neutralise explosive hazards are fully supported by specialist training and through life support.

Minelab, a member of the Codan group of companies based in Adelaide's high-tech precinct known as Technology Park, is a metal detection technologies company which supplies countermine detectors to humanitarian demining NGOs, commercial demining companies and militaries throughout the world. Minelab is developing the next generation of hand-held metal detection technologies and products.

In 2016 the Australian Department of Defence awarded Minelab a $6.7 million contract to develop a dual sensor detector with enhanced capabilities to aid in the detection of metal and non-metal explosive devices. As a result, the MDS-10 dual sensor detector was designed combining unique Metal Detection and Ground Penetrating Radar technologies.

"International evaluations of the MDS-10 highlight its enhanced detection capabilities; ergonomic, compact and lightweight mechanical platform and ease of use," the companies said.

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