Queensland Gaskets has partnered with Rheinmetall Defence Australia for the $18 billion Land 400 Phase 3 project, joining a team that will deliver three Lynx KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicles to the ADF for Risk Mitigation Activity (RMA) trials over the next 12 months.

 Queensland Gaskets has been selected as a partner to supply componentry and an assembly of parts to manufacture the new Lynx.

After an initial consultation, the team worked with Rheinmetall engineers to create the specialised part that matched the project’s requirements within two months.

“Our collaboration with Rheinmetall has provided a great opportunity to showcase the breadth of our manufacturing capabilities - from consultation and gasket cutting to part assembly and everything in between,” Queensland Gasket Managing Director Carl Quarterman said.

“Specific premium-grade materials including metal, foam and rubber were sourced through our network of suppliers. Components were cut by the team on our CNC router and water jet cutter, followed by the hand assembly of parts at our factory in Brisbane."

“We are an Australian company with a global supply network built over our 67-year history in industry. This means we have the skills and capability to deliver into complex, high quality, large-scale projects."

Rheinmetall will deliver three Lynx vehicles to compete in RMA trials conducted in Australia from November 2020. The extensive testing regime will put vehicles through a range of trials including lethality, mobility and blast tests.

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