• Credit: Serco
    Credit: Serco

Serco Australia and Civmec have partnered for the next-generation amphibious capabilities for the ADF under a new Joint Venture (JV) company, the Australian Maritime Alliance (AMA).

Civmec and Serco are leading an Australia-wide team in 'solution development and industrial mobilisation' in pursuit of the Land 8710 Phase 1A program, for which they are offering the new ‘Oboe’ Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel Medium (LMV-M).

“Serco and Civmec share a vision to provide the crucial leadership that the Australian shipbuilding sector requires, signalling an industry-led strategic approach to deliver and support essential sovereign military capabilities and sustainable workshare outcomes,” Serco Defence Managing Director Clint Thomas said.

“With Serco and Civmec’s complementary capabilities and shared community values for realising the sustained growth of Australia’s Shipbuilding Industry, our alliance is set to deliver proven benefits through uplifting Western Australian industry capabilities, matching Serco’s global shipbuilding expertise and reach with Civmec’s superlative workforce skills, proven technology and infrastructure capacity.”

Serco has previously delivered 130 vessels into Commonwealth service and trained thousands of Bridge watchkeepers and Seaboat crew for the Royal Australian Navy.

Civmec are a construction and engineering services provider to a number of economic sectors, headquartered in Henderson, Western Australia. The company's new shipbuilding and sustainment hall stands 18 storeys (70 metres) high and contains 20 overhead travelling cranes with a 400t lift capacity in the central hall.

“I am proud that Civmec is evolving to be a solid option for the Commonwealth as it seeks to expand on the Sovereign shipbuilding and sustainment capability. We are committed to the charge and look forward to forging strong relationships with Serco and others that are integral to meeting the demands of the ADF,” Civmec’s CEO Pat Tallon said.

“Civmec’s Henderson facility offers unmatched shipbuilding capacity to deliver for the Commonwealth’s naval shipbuilding programs and combined with our new state-of-the-art ship assembly hall, we operate the largest fabrication workshops in Australia.

“This project builds on our experience gained through the ongoing delivery of the Sea 1180 Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessel program. The LMV-M platform will allow us to continue to demonstrate our innovative approach to shipbuilding.”

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