• The Supashock missile launcher will be fitted into Rheinmetall’s LANCE turret. Supplied
    The Supashock missile launcher will be fitted into Rheinmetall’s LANCE turret. Supplied

South Australian manufacturer Supashock will export running gear suspension systems worth approximately $12 million for military vehicles in a major European defence programme.

Adelaide-based Supashock will deliver 46 vehicle sets as part of the first phase of production for the European military vehicle programme.

The company will also deliver a missile launcher capability for the Land 400 Phase 2 programme under an agreement that will see the Australian-made technology installed on Boxers built for the Australian Army. The contract is worth about $10 million.

The missile launcher will be fitted into Rheinmetall’s Lance turret, which will be incorporated into a significant number of the 211 Boxers.

“This is an example of how Rheinmetall contracts will drive future growth internationally and continue to create highly skilled, enduring jobs in Australia, while delivering significant performance improvements to customers in export markets,” Gary Stewart, Rheinmetall Defence Australia Managing Director, said.

Supashock’s advanced suspension and running gear for the European military vehicle programme comprise telescopic dampers, bump stops, support rollers, road wheel arms and a new hydraulic track tensioner. 

The company designed and developed the high capability suspension system at its dedicated design, testing and manufacturing facilities in Adelaide while extensive testing has taken place on in-house lifecycle test rigs and on vehicle testing at Rheinmetall’s Trier proving ground in southwest Germany.

“Supashock is bringing its experience to bear on the design and development work we have conducted on our military vehicles over the past three years,” Supashock Founder and Managing Director Oscar Fiorinotto said.

In addition to the suspension and running gear, Supashock is also developing the mechanical and structural parts of the Retractable Anti-tank Missile Platform (RAMP). The RAMP reportedly introduces Supashock’s expertise in vibration, shock and motion control, mechatronics and rapid prototyping. 

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