• Credit: Redarc/Thales
    Credit: Redarc/Thales

Redarc has signed a contract with Thales Australia to provide a power supply for the Hawkei protected vehicle.

For the past 12 months Redarc has helped finalise a Dual Power Solution (DPS), a DC power supply that provides constant, regulated power for sensitive load requirements. It features a wide input voltage range of 9 to 32 volts and selectable voltage output for several loads, such as critical automotive control systems, radios, computer and communications.

The DC Power Supply can be mounted externally on the vehicle and also has in-built protection against spikes/surges and reverse polarity.

“It has been a pleasure for Redarc to work with Thales in developing a reliable, rugged dual power system that will go on to support Australian troops on operations around the globe," Redarc’s Defence Account Manager Mike Hartas said. "Signing this contract with Thales is further proof that Redarc’s products are built tough and enable people to do things outside their comfort zone.”

Redarc was selected from a global supply chain because of its ability to develop a specific version for Thales within the time required.

In 2018 REDARC also won the Defence Teaming Centre’s Resilient and Adaptive Award, which is awarded to an SME that has a proven history and has shown a strong commitment to transformation, sustainability and innovation.

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