• Credit: Birdon
    Credit: Birdon

The US Marine Corps has announced the selection of Birdon’s advanced Heavy Landing Craft - H260 design to be part of a future mission test and evaluation exercise.  

The H-260 is a long-range vessel that shares a common lineage to Birdon’s proposed LMV-H Heavy Landing Craft for the Australian Army.

The H-260 craft features a payload of 400 tonnes, deck space of around 740 square metres, and a range of over 5000 nautical miles, as well as the ability to accommodate 72 Marines and 26 crew.

The aft loading and forward enclosed ramps enable rapid load transfer while adding flexibility to cope with a wider range of landing sites.

"Birdon’s experience in the engagement and successful execution of major US Defence programs provides a solid foundation for its partnership with the MCWL," stated Birdon.

"This partnership is a testament to Birdon’s track record in delivering the required outcomes for our clients across the US and Australia through an unwavering focus on designing operationally superior vessels that meet the needs of our customers now and into the future."

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