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Varley Rafael Australia (VRA) has commenced local production of the Spike Guided Missile Integration Kits (SIKs) – the launcher and missile control elements of the SPIKE Guided Missile that will be integrated into the Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles.

The SIKs’ 'strictly controlled' production assembly activities were undertaken outside of Rafael’s Israel facilities for the first time.

Whilst COVID restrictions stopped VRA’s personnel from travelling to Israel for training, technology transfer activities were undertaken remotely using 3D instructional software with subject matter experts supporting VRA on low rate initial production activities, leading to full approval by Rafael.

“Being an Australian Joint Venture between the Varley Group and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems provides VRA with direct access and licences to highly advanced guided missiles and their extensive associated systems’ transfer of technology," VRA’s CEO Jacob Blitman said.

“This is a small but critical step demonstrating real sovereign capability within the Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance (GWEO) space fully aligned with Government’s GWEO Enterprise approach.

"VRA is grateful for the SICP funding provided by Government that supported upskilling and acquisition of specialised tools and equipment for this project that can now be used for future in-country production."

VRA says it is engaged with Australian Ccmpanies and government’s GWEO Enterprise approach to 'progress the opportunity' to manufacture and sustain the Spike LR2 5th Generation Guided Weapon in Australia.

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