• Credit: Xtek
    Credit: Xtek

XTEK has received its first commercial order for its XTclave manufactured ballistic armour plates from Tote Systems Australia to be used in the field by an Australian Specialist Law Enforcement unit.

The plates will be used in the field by law enforcement officers. XTEK anticipates that the products will be delivered by the end of FY20, and is 'well placed' to receive further orders with other specialist teams currently trialling the product.

“This first commercial order for our XTclave manufactured ballistic plates is a significant milestone for XTEK," MD Philippe Odouard said. "Until now, orders received were used for testing and validation; this important order will be deployed for use in law enforcement in Australia.

"This represents an external validation and a strong indicator of more orders to come from the industry both domestically and globally. Following our investment into this technology and capability, we are now in a strong position to meet the growing demand for these products and realise the significant value upside.” 

The company says it is well placed to service this demand given the recent official opening of the advanced manufacturing facility in Adelaide. Further orders of the XTclave products are expected in the short to medium term.

The company also foresees the defence sector to be insulated from a possible impending economic downturn.

"XTEK expects purchasing cycle in the defence sector is unlikely to change in the short to medium term and we continue to see robust demand and growing interest in our products," the company said.

"Historically, we have seen that defence spending is resistant to recessions and often countercyclical to downward market trends," Odouard said. "We continue to see robust demand and growing interest, supported by our control of key facilities and ongoing business development activities.”

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