Hanwha Defense Australia and Team Redback have officially launched the Redback Infantry Fighting vehicle ahead of delivering three vehicles to compete in test and evaluation trials.

Army Innovation Day 2021 will focus on energy and environmental resilience as its 'Accelerated Warfare' concept foreshadows greater demand for power.

Defence has executed its first Deed of Access for resource extraction on Defence land near Greenvale.

Boeing Defence Australia (BDA) has signed a 10-year contract to provide operational and field support and engineering services to the ADF.

Missions Systems Australia has been awarded the contract to deliver the ADF's new night-fighting capability.

NIOA has signed a long-term supply contract with the world’s largest small arms ammunition enterprise.

Defence’s acquisition of Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRVs) under Project Land 400 Phase 2 has been largely effective to date and has the potential to ultimately achieve value for money, the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) concluded.

Bullets have changed very little since WWI. Considering the many technological advancements made since then, the fact that bullets remain the same struck a couple of University of New South Wales (UNSW) scientists as odd.

A Perth technology company is working with Defence to develop a robotic command and control system that would enable casualties to be evacuated from the battlefield on an autonomous vehicle.

Queensland Gaskets has partnered with Rheinmetall Defence Australia for the $18 billion Land 400 Phase 3 project.

Chief of Army LTGEN Rick Burr has disbanded 2 Squadron, Special Air Service Regiment and outlined plans for the future of Australia's special forces.

The ADF is seeking to fill a short-term shortfall in its Javelin missile inventory in order to maintain the appropriate level of readiness.

Hanwha Defense Australia has announced that Kongsberg Defence Australia will be its C4 integration partner for Project Land 8116 Phase 1 (Protected Mobile Fires).

Valued at $29.9 million, the JCREW FMS order for the ADF includes JCREW Increment One Block One systems.

Rheinmetall has unveiled the first of three Lynx KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

Located at Puckapunyal Military Area, Lavarack Barracks and Edinburgh Defence Precinct, the new facilities will support Projects Land 400, Land 907 Phase 2 and Land 8160 Phase 1 until 2050.