• Kongsberg naval strike missile.
Credit: Aerobond
    Kongsberg naval strike missile. Credit: Aerobond

Axiom Precision Manufacturing has announced that it has entered into a new contract with Kongsberg Defence Australia for the manufacture and delivery of ground support equipment for the Naval Strike Missile (NSM), under Sea 1300 Phase 1 – Navy Guided Weapons.

Last year, the Commonwealth of Australia announced the selection of Kongsberg’s NSM to replace the Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile capability on the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Anzac Class Frigates and Hobart Class Destroyers, enhancing the ADF’s extended range strike ability.

“The contract with Kongsberg is great recognition of Axiom’s strong history as a Defence supplier across many platforms and we look forward to growing our partnership on the back of this project," said Craig Maynard, Axiom General Manager.

"The new contract will support additional growth in Axiom’s vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, including fabrication and painting.”

Established in 1979, Axiom specialises in electronic hardware design, precision machining, complex mechanical, electro-mechanical and sub-system manufacturing.

Axiom's manufacturing facilities in Adelaide service the aerospace, defence, space and medical industries and holds AS 9100, ISO 14001 and ISO13485 certifications.

“Kongsberg is committed to involving Australian industry in support of Sea 1300 Phase 1 – Navy Guided Weapons," said John Fry, General Manager of Kongsberg Defence Australia.

"Axiom was established over four decades ago so it is great to be announcing this partnership with such an experienced, highly skilled Small to Medium Enterprise.”

Manufacture of the complex assemblies has commenced in Axiom’s Wingfield facility, with the first deliveries due in early 2024.

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