• Credit: C2 Robotics
    Credit: C2 Robotics

C2 Robotics has received a third tranche of innovation funding from the Department of Defence to progress the next stage of prototype development for its Speartooth Large Uncrewed Underwater Vessel (LUUV).

The second-generation prototype will be a larger, modular design, capable of delivering militarily useful payloads for a range of ADF users over operationally relevant distances. The new funding will also be used to develop a container system allowing Speartooth to be easily transported and deployed.

"We’ve had the first generation Speartooth in the water since May 2022. That’s allowed us to rigorously test the vessel in real world conditions and demonstrate the long-range LUUV concept. This latest funding will allow us to roll everything we’ve learned into Speartooth Gen 2," said Thomas Loveard, C2 Robotics Chief Technology Officer.

"C2 Robotics’ agile engineering methodologies have achieved a high level of Speartooth system maturity. This progress would not have been possible without the close support and extremely collaborative engagement with our sponsors in Defence. Speartooth shows what can be achieved when Defence works closely with Australian industry."

Speartooth has successfully conducted missions in open ocean at significant depths, and over 2,000 hours of ‘hardware in the loop’ testing on its virtual twin.

C2 Robotics has now manufactured a number of Speartooth systems and will soon commence a six-week, in-water demonstration of its range and endurance.

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