• Acacia Systems CEO Horden Wiltshire with Exail CEO Dominique Giannoni.
Credit: Exail
    Acacia Systems CEO Horden Wiltshire with Exail CEO Dominique Giannoni. Credit: Exail

Exail is collaborating closely with local Australian industry partners including UGL, Solutions from Silicon (SfS) and Acacia Systems in an effort to secure its bid for the Royal Australian Navy's (RAN) Sea 1905 Tranche 1 – Maritime Mine Countermeasures (MCM) program.

“We are ready to deliver third generation MCM capability to Australia alongside our Australian partners and this centre symbolises our commitment to further transforming autonomous technology and enhancing of the capabilities of our mine countermeasures and military survey systems,” said Exail CEO Dominique Giannoni, opening the company’s Advanced Centre for Software Integration and Simulation (ACSIS) in La Garde, France. This centre will serve as a blueprint for an Adelaide-based software reference, support and integration platform.

“Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art but also cost-effective solutions, thereby ensuring that we deliver unparalleled value to our customers like the RAN.”

Adelaide-based Acacia Systems is set to play a key role in integration and simulation efforts for Sea 1905 if Exail's bid is successful.

“Acacia will be trained on the French-based centre for MCM software integration and simulation which, in the short term, will support the major NATO MCM projects Exail has secured in Europe for the Belgian and Dutch navies. Acacia and Australia will be able to leverage the learnings from the introduction into service of these capabilities and bring this experience to the capability being deployed in Australia," said Acacia Systems CEO Horden Wiltshire.

“Acacia has been encouraged by Exail’s commitment to transfer this advanced tool technology to Australia and the engagement Acacia has already experienced at a technical level with the Exail team, which augers well for future implementation of the capability.”

ACSIS will provide capabilities including software validation, advanced mission simulation, test and evaluation, and modular solutions integration to develop mine countermeasures and military survey systems.

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